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Recovery & Performance Pack


Take care of your horse’s health and save 20% with Excel Supplements packs.
We propose different combinations of our powder formulas with our cold-pressed vegetable oils, complemented with our star product for hoof care.
You can choose the pack that best suits your horse’s needs knowing that you will always be taking care of him with top quality natural supplements and without doping substances.

Check the composition and dosage instructions of this pack in the description below.

Muscle recovery and Performance combo that includes:

  • Excel GraRecover contains a unique antioxidant formula with grape (proanthocyanidins) and pomegranate (ellagic acid) polyphenols, specifically developed to promote muscle recovery. It’s designed to support horse´s recovery. During exercise and competition horse´s muscles can be putted under a lot of stress, generating cramps and pain.

Feeding instructions: Loading rate: 60 g per day (2 scoops) | Maintenance: 30 g per day (1 scoop).

  • Excel ProElite contains the optimal combination of key nutrients from cold pressed vegetable oils, ensuring unique omega 3, 6 & 9 fatty acid balance and vitamin E. It’s designed to promote horses performance. The omega-3 and olive triterpenes provided in large supply  helps increasing horse performance.

Feeding instructions: All horses: 60ml per day | Ponies and foals: 30ml per day.

  • ExcelHoof Support contains the optimal combination of camelina oil to hydrate the hoof as well as beeswax to protect the hoof, acting as an antibacterial barrier.  This way it is the ideal hoof solution  both for summer and winter. It’s designed to support and maintain horses hoofs elasticity, helping preventing cracking & hoof dryness. Excel Hoof Support creates also a perfect wall shine.

Instructions: apply 3 to 4 days a week to horse´s hoof wall and coronary band using the brush. It is recommended to apply post-exercise. Clean well the hoof surface before applying. Excel Hoof Support is topical hoof care product.


  • One time purchase.
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