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About us

Excel Supplements Europe is a Spanish producer of nutritional supplements for horses, based on our own camelina ingredients. We work to produce the best supplements formulated without any doping substances, only with controlled natural ingredients. The result is a range of unique equine supplements for health, performance, hoof care, respiratory, muscle recovery and joint health… everything your four-ledged-friend needs!

The best ingredients of our crops for your horses.

The best ingredients of our crops for your horses.

All raw materials are controlled to avoid the possible presence of potentially doping substances.

All raw materials are controlled to avoid the possible presence of potentially doping substances.

Some of the best riders in the world trust our supplements.

Some of the best riders in the world trust our supplements.

Our range of supplements

Excel EQ


Excel EQ is specifically designed to promote general horse health. The omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that Excel EQ provide in large quantities have multiple beneficial functions in the body.


Omega 3/6/9

Vitamin E

Camelina healthy compounds

Excel ProElite


Excel ProElite is designed for horse performance. Omega-3 fatty acids and olive triterpenes provided in large amounts help increase horse performance.


Omega 3/6/9

Vitamin E

Olive healthy compounds 

Hoof Support


Excel Hoof Support is specifically formulated to protect and maintain the elasticity of the horse’s hooves, preventing cracks and dehydration. Excel Hoof Support creates a perfect protective barrier.


Camelina oil


Essential oils



Excel VitaFlav is designed to support the lungs and circulatory system of the equine, which can be subjected to high levels of stress during exercise.


Citrus healthy compounds

Camelina antioxidants

Vitamin C

Omega 3



Excel GraRecover is designed to support horse recovery. During exercise and competition, the horse’s muscles can be subjected to a lot of stress, causing cramps and pain.



Bioactive compounds in pomegranate

Bioactive compounds in grapes

Camelina antioxidants

Omega 3



Excel OliFlex is specifically designed for the joints of horses, which suffer wear and pressure during training or competition.


Grape & olive healthy compounds

Hyaluronic acid

Camelina antioxidants

Omega 3

How to best combine our supplements?

We highly recommend combining our oil based supplements with any-or-all!- of our powder supplements.

For competing horses:

For best results, combine before and during competition Excel Proelite with our powder supplements. During maintenance periods you could replace Excel Proelite by Excel EQ.

For leisure:

 For your four-legged-friend to be truly healthy and in excellent shape, do not hesitate to use our supplements in the same way!



Excel Supplements Ambassadors

Excel Supplements has the kind of supplements that every competition horse needs.
As a Grand Prix rider, I’m always looking for small details that can make my horses better inside the slopes.
Thanks to Excel EQ I have noticed an extra shine coat, as well as extra energy which makes me feel more comfortable with my horses. It also helps the growth and development of young foals, helping their introduction into the competition world.

Sonsoles Roldán (Spain)

Grand Prix Dressage Rider

After using the Excel EQ I noticed great results with my horses! Their coats are much shinier and they look overall much better and healthier.

I´m very happy with this product.

Gonzalo Añón (Spain)

International Jumping Rider competing in the Global Champions League

I was really suprised to the see such a difference in my horses condition and recovery thanks to the use of Excel.

I’ve used the product on my top competition horses as well as youngstock needing an extra hand and I can really see the benefit.

Kirsty Johnston (Belgium)

International FEI Eventing Rider

After 3 months of using Excel my horses are looking really good. Despite its wintertime and not much sun up here in the north, they´re really shiny.

I have vet checks every month on them and my veterinarian like the way they move and how they look. I really like the ingredients in the product and should actually take the same for me.

Anders Josefsson (Belgium)

Professional Reining Rider

Since I use Excel EQ during my all show season I don’t see my vet often anymore !!

Gennaro Lendi (Italy)

2016 FEI World reining champion

 I´m pleased to have found Excel Supplements.

Their products increase my horse’s performance as well as their welfare.

Albert Hermoso Farrás (Spain)

Olympic eventing rider

 Since I have begun using Excel supplements, I have seen a big difference in both the recovery and condition of my horse.

My horse’s coat also looks shiny and healthier thanks to Excel’s fantastic oils.

Amanda Edwards (United Kingdom)

International Jumping Rider

My experience using Excel products has been quite excellent so far!

My team and I have been using those products only over the last six weeks, and I must confess I’m quite surprised by the results achieved, considering the short time since we started to use their products.

Excel team has also shown to be quite helpful by providing nutritional advice and dynamic by sending us the products.

Carlos Ribas (Brazil)

Professional Jumping Rider

I have been using Excel nutritional supplements for several months and enjoyed their effectiveness regardless of the product.

With Excel products, the physical condition of my show horses has improved significantly!

Luis Neves (Brazil)

Professional Jumping Rider

I firmly believe in a balanced nutritional program with essential fatty acids for competition horses.

Essential fatty acids play an indispensable role in the regulation of chronic inflammation. High competition horses need this type of support due to the intensity of training and the continuous competition to which they are subjected.

I trust the Excel supplements. They are easy to apply, and most importantly, my horses love it.

Juan Matute Guimon (Spain)

Professional dressage rider