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2021 Spanish Show Jumping Championships.

9 Nov, 2021 | News & Announcements

6 categories gather together a large number of Spanish jockeys .

From 6 to 10 October, the Spanish show jumping championships for jockeys of all levels were held in Dehesa Montenmedio, Vejer (the legendary Andalusian facilities where the Sunshine Tour has been held since 1994).

With a new formula imported from Mexico at the request of Armando Trapote, in addition to the usual Spanish Absolute (over 22 years old) and Young Jockeys Championships (19-21 years old), the classic 1.10, 1.20, 1.30 and 1.40 m categories were added, allowing both amateurs and top-level professionals to compete for the Spanish Championships, each according to their riding level and personal aspirations.

There are several requirements to be able to participate in each classic championship, the first of which is to be 19 years old, followed by the rankings obtained that year, which aim to harmonise the level of the participants across the different events. For example: If a horse-jockey duo has been competing in the 1.20 m category, they will not be allowed to compete in the 1.10 m category in order to avoid outclassing their opponents.

Dehesa Montenmedio combines a series of characteristics that make it the dream of any horse lover: top-quality sand and grass courses, modern and continually upgraded steeplechase equipment, special courses designed by the best course designers in the world for each event, and great accommodations to enjoy with friends.

Under this format of championships mentioned above, 4 classic championships were contested besides the Young Jockeys and Absolute championships. The challenges of each category were perfectly interpreted by the course designers, led by the Valencian designer Chape Trenor.

The final results, in ascending order of difficulty, showed the worthy breeders in each of the categories. Madrid-born jockey Leticia Ortiz won in the 1.10 m category. Ceuta-born and Andalusia-based jockey Jorge Juan Ramírez won in the 1.20 m category. The 1.30 m classic category also got an Andalusian stamp, having been won by Patricio Valdenebro, from Seville. Álvaro González de Zárate excelled in the 1.40 m category (and won the silver medal in the Absolute category. What an incredible Championship for the Vitoria-born jockey); while Ismael García Roque, from the Canary Islands but based in Madrid, won in the Absolute category as he did in 2019. Diego Ramos Maneiro won in the Young Jockeys Championship. Although he is a newcomer in this category, he already won the gold medal in the junior category.

Show jumping is the most popular and widely practised category in Spain. The large number of duos that travelled to Vejer, once again demonstrates the excellent condition of the discipline, a very commendable result after the COVID-19 and equine rhinopneumonitis crises.

We are delighted to have been able to support different jockeys in their training for the Championships. We are especially proud of Alex Codina, who has been supplementing his horses with Excel Supplements for years, and who won a deserved bronze medal in the Young Jockeys category.

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