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Luis Álvarez Cervera, a Living Legend in Equitation

7 May, 2021 | competición

We like to talk about camelina oil because it is a Spanish product and the basis of our products but… today let’s talk about another ‘raw material’ provided by the Spanish equestrian sport. Who is the most renowned Spanish jockey of the 20th century? For us, it is, undoubtedly, Luis Álvarez Cervera.

In this digital era, in which you are reading this article on your PC, tablet, or smartphone, it is appropriate to remember who the best Spanish jockey of all time is. Modest and discreet, when asked, he says this title belongs to Paco Goyoaga, who is quite ahead of the rest of the jockeys.

It is a pity that his graphic materials are not fully digitalised (at the moment), which makes it difficult for us to appreciate his mastery as much as we would like to.

The figures speak for themselves. Luis has been the Absolute Spanish Champion 10 times, and the 7 times he participated in the Olympics, it was a success:

– Munich 1972, seventh place in team show jumping

– Montreal 1976, sixth place in team show jumping

– Los Angeles 1984, sixth place in individual show jumping and seventh place in team show jumping

– Seoul 1988, eighth place in team show jumping

– Barcelona 1992, fourth place in team show jumping, fifth place in team eventing, and seventh place in individual eventing, becoming the first jockey to compete in two disciplines at the same Olympics.

– Atlanta 1996, eighth place in team eventing.

In addition, a number of important prizes worldwide endorse his long and intense sporting career. He was awarded the Silver Medal of the Royal Order of Sports Merit in 1994 by the Spanish High Council for Sports.

Passionate, breeder, and connoisseur of racehorses, he formally stopped competing in 2012 to guide his pupils, who are a selected small group. Luis has been training the entire New Zealand Olympic team for ten years. He is currently the Vice President of Ancades (National Association of Spanish Sport Horse Breeders), continues to be a breeder, and is the right hand of his son, Eduardo Álvarez Aznar, number 1 in the national ranking. It is clear that Edu has reached his position by his own merits and innate talent but… is he the only Spanish jockey who will participate in show jumping at the 2021 Olympics without having such a good base? We dare to say he isn’t, just as we would say that a horse does not reach its full potential if it is not properly trained and cared for (with good supplements, of course ;))

Here is our small tribute to this great ‘man of horses’, with whom it is a luxury to talk and from whom one always learns.


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