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How to take care of a senior horse?

22 Apr, 2021 | Uncategorized

When talking about supplements, as is the topic of this web, it seems that we only refer to competition horses, to help athletes meet the great demands their sporting career requires, but…

How should we take care of the older, senior horse?

When we talk about an ‘old’ horse, we refer to one that is over 18/20 years old, although there is no exact age to consider it as such and, as it happens with people, everyone ages differently.

Older horses need lighter feed, increased amounts of fibre (which aids digestion and prevents colics), and reduced starch (excitants) and sugar.

A senior animal needs to eat light feed, do a minimum of exercise, maintain a correct control of their poise (shod or barefoot), carry a correct deworming schedule and careful care of the teeth, which deteriorate greatly with age, making eating difficult and causing colics

Which Excel supplement is the most consumed by older horses?

We have selected Excel EQ from within our range as one of the most suitable for this group, as it contains omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, vitamin E and, the main ingredient that differentiates us from any other brand supplement, camelina oil, which acts as a very powerful antioxidant and helps control inflammatory processes, which affect the limbs of older horses frequently. This product promotes the general well-being of the horse, and besides being widely used in sport animals, for seniors, the ideal use is: 60 ml per day, preferably at dinner, for 15 days, then, 30 ml per day. We are talking about horses that do very moderate/no physical activity. In case they still work regularly, 60 ml per day is the standard dose. As the product comes in liquid form, it facilitates absorption and is more digestible in the feed. The taste is very well achieved, as the general trend is that they eat it without hesitation, accepting it willingly, and even making the feed more palatable for horses with little appetite.

What benefits will my old horse notice with Excel EQ?

With a correct product handling and continuous use, the joints of the horse will be better, its defences will improve, inflammations will be controlled and its coat will look better. Its overall appearance will improve.

If your horse made you happy when it was young, now it deserves the best care, lots of carrots and a dignified old age.

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