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A successful Excel duo: Ali Baba and Jose Bono

8 Mar, 2021 | competición, suplemento

Jose Bono (Toledo, 1984) is a Spanish international jockey, whose career includes representing his country at the Athens CSIO in the summer of 2019, numerous national and international prizes, and a proven performance organising equestrian competitions in his facilities in Toledo (Hípica de Toledo) for almost twenty years.

Bono, que además de todas las facetas anteriormente descritas, es criador de caballos de deporte, busca para éstos siempre lo mejor a la hora de hablar de cuidados, y es en esa misma línea en la que apuesta por la mejor suplementación, la cual adquiere online a través de esta página. Everything is online nowadays and he knows it.

Ali Baba is a stunning grey SSH (Spanish Sport Horse), son of Dublin Van Overis Z and Calanda, born in Hípica de Toledo, who will be eight years old in 2021. It is a pleasure for us to work with him side by side, and we are delighted by the fact that the first Grand Prix he won, at the end of 2020, was the ‘Excel Grand Prix’. He is also a stallion, so he has to be very well cared for to perform well in demanding circuits and in its sporting life.

What are Ali Baba’s daily essentials?

Carrots and cuddles from the jockey and Judit, the groom. From our side, Excel GraRecover, which contains a unique antioxidant formulation with grape and pomegranate polyphenols, to which our camelina oil powder is added, as it helps with muscle recovery, especially in high stress and work seasons in which the horse’s muscles need to be at 300%, avoiding cramps and pains.

How does Ali Baba take Excel GraRecover?

During the season, 60 g per day (two tablespoons) at dinner. It has a pleasant flavour when mixed with the feed, so Ali Baba devours it. When work slows down, during rest seasons, a tablespoon at dinner (30 grams) is enough to maintain muscular well-being.

Jose Bono highlights that ‘Since Ali started taking Excel, he looks gorgeous. There has been an overall improvement. Besides, I love supplementing my horses with a high-quality Spanish product’

Excel supplements do not include any doping substances, only controlled natural ingredients. Therefore, Ali Baba will be able to face this season confidently, starting with the contests programmed in Toledo, and then moving to Vejer de la Frontera to participate in the Sunshine Tour, the most important international equestrian circuit in Europe, where our brand is usually seen in the boxes of great jockeys from all over Europe.

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